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July 30, 2012


Thanks for the information. Winning a lottery seems almost impossible, I guess it's such shocking news when someone calls you and tell you that you won!
It's just unbelievable!

Hi, Lize. Thanks for commenting to the blog. "Mystery Millionaire" was a limited-time promotion here in Iowa involving the Hot Lotto and Powerball games. Players got a special entry ticket for the promotion with a qualifying purchase and entered their promotion code online at the lottery's website. The person who won the top prize of $1 million in Mystery Millionaire was "a normal joe." A retired police officer from Des Moines took home that big prize!


How can a normal Joe when dis lottery

Tnx a lot for the entry. It was really interesting for me. Hope to find some more helpful info in the blog.

Thank you so much for the contribution!
You did a great work on this post and I really appreciate that you provided a lot of information on the alternative ways to become a millionaire.

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