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July 15, 2013


Hi, Lora. Thanks for commenting to the blog. You can enter nonwinning tickets in the Blazing Hot 7s game book into the "Summercash" promotion. The entry page is on the VIP Club site and there is a link to the VIP Club on our home page at www.ialottery.com. The codes that you need to enter from the Blazing Hot 7s tickets are found on bottom of page 6 in the "Your Symbols" area and on the bottom of the back page of the booklet.

Good luck and have fun entering!

how and where do I go to enter my non winning scratch game booklet do not see anywhere to enter these very confusing

Hi, Jennifer. You are correct that six games are eligible for the Summercash promotion. We did our best to choose popular games at several different price points so folks would have lots of options to enter. Our promotions through the years have traditionally been tied to specific games and we try to choose the newest ones so people will be able to enter tickets from the games they're already playing.

We should be able to enter ALL of our nonwinning tickets. You can single out some for these drawings, but we should still get something for our other nonwinning tickets. I have been saving all of my nonwinners to enter when this opened up again, and none to them are eligible? Not fair.

Hi, Penny. Thanks for commenting on the blog today. The only games that are eligible for entry in the Summercash promotion through the VIP Club are the six that are listed. Tickets in other games aren't eligible for the promotion and can't be entered into the club. Thanks for playing, and good luck in the promotion!

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