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May 15, 2014


Iowa law provides that lottery winners' information is public, so anonymity is not possible in this state.

Can you remain anonymous on big jackpots on scratch tickets in iowa

Great question, Jonathan! We do encourage people to sign their tickets as soon as they purchase them for the safeguarding reasons you raised. But we also recognize that there are situations where that wouldn't work, for example, if someone has gone to the store to purchase ticket on behalf of a group (such as co-workers or neighbors who are playing together); or someone who is making the purchase on behalf of someone else. Please do take the steps that you think are necessary to keep your ticket safe!


when a ticket is sold y isn't it required to be signed at the point of sale at the time of sale to prevent a ticket from being lost or stolen and claimed by the wrong person or is it just a way to tell people to make sure they don't lose it. Tickets should have the name and number of the person written before they depart the counter just so it cant be claimed without a photo ID and if it is lost or stolen the original person who purchased it can be contacted if it is a winner

The assumption is that a prudent investor should be able to earn a higher rate of return than the annuity the lottery purchases to make the 30 years of payments.

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