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June 10, 2014


Hi, Florence. Thanks for trying out the Power Play option. Hopefully, the details I'm sharing here can help answer your question. The Power Play option multiplies any prize you win, so you first have to win a prize in a Powerball drawings for anything to happen with the Power Play. Once you've won a prize, if you've added the Power Play option to your play, it multiplies your prize by the Power Play number in that particular drawing. Let's look at some specific examples: If you've added the Power Play to your ticket and you don't win a prize, then nothing more happens -- you didn't win a prize, so there was nothing for the Power Play to impact. But let's say that you won a $100 prize by matching four of the first five numbers, you added the Power Play to your ticket, and the Power Play number selected in that drawing was 4. Your $100 prize would be multiplied by 4, so you would ultimately win $400 because you added the Power Play option to your ticket! I hope that explanation helps. We also cover this topic in our "How To Play" video for the Powerball game. Here's a link to it:

I am confused concerning the power play on the power ball game....I always pay extra & get the power play too. Twice now I have had
the power play. Sat. June 7th, it was 02 and
last night it was 05. I took the ticket in to have it checked, and it said ticket not a winner....why pay extra for the power play if you receive nothing.

I hear you, Donna! The dream is about winning, isn't it? Since the Iowa Lottery started back in 1985, its players have won more than $3.2 billion in prizes, so that is a significant amount. Thank you for playing lottery games and making a difference for Iowa.

Iowa residents have only been playing lotto games 25-27yrs and have won nothing.What are those odds that someone just passing through wins. Ya it pisses people off. Get real!

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