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January 10, 2016


A cap needs to be put on it such as 500 million, all other money use to increase the other prizes now and in future until the excess over 500 million is used up. No way anyone can imagine the issues in dealing with that much money plus as Sharon stated would help many more that way

I get into three different pools , that range from two to five dollars each person. That way its easy on the billfold and more chances to win. Good Luck Everyone.

For everybody commenting about the jackpot possibly being divided at this point: Thank you for being part of the conversation here! It wouldn't be possible to just change the rules of the game midstream and decide to divide the jackpot for the upcoming drawing when we've never done that before. When the jackpot gets high like it is now, we do sometimes hear the comment you have made. But I can tell you that sales do not reflect that perspective. Sales follow the jackpot up. It appears that people are voting with their pocketbooks on this one...

Hi, Larry. I know that folks from Iowa might not be satisfied unless ALL of the jackpot winners were from here! But the other lotteries in Powerball wouldn't be very happy about that. :) In reality, Iowa Lottery players have won eight Powerball jackpots so far. Iowa is a small state as far as population goes within the Powerball group. We're ahead of the curve when it comes to jackpot winners based upon population. So we'll take that!

How about if the next jackpot is not won the Iowa lottery divides the jackpot evenly between all non winning ticket holders!

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