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October 07, 2016


Great question, MO. If the card says DEBIT on the front, even if it is run on the credit setting, the money is still coming from available funds, so it is still a DEBIT transaction. A debit card never involves anything other than available funds, meaning cash. We had wondered about this very issue ourselves, so we checked with the network folks who process the transactions. They confirmed that DEBIT always = available cash.

If the card says DEBIT on the front, can it still be rang as a CREDIT transaction (many banks prefer you run it as such)?

Hi, Trecey. You've raised a really good point. While it is legal in Iowa for a debit card to be used to buy lottery tickets in Iowa, stores are not required to accept them for that purpose. That's a policy decision made by the business involved. Just as some businesses will not accept personal checks, others prefer to limit debit card transactions to certain products or certain minimum dollar amounts. But you are exactly right in your comment: If you are not satisfied with the service and options available to you as a customer at a particular location, you are always free to do business elsewhere.

The lottery office needs to notify Quicktrip gas station that using a debit card in Iowa to play the lottery is allowed. On two separate occasions, I was denied the use of my debit card, do I left and purchased the tickets at the Casey's with my debit card!

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