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February 28, 2017


Hi, GT. I'm glad you reached out to us, as it appears this is a point causing you great concern. We never want playing the lottery to be a source of strife for anyone. If it has become that for you, please consider stepping away and giving yourself time to rest and reflect. And if playing the lottery or participating in any other form of gaming has become more than just a game for you, remember that help is always available here in Iowa, 24/7, through the state's gambling treatment hotline at 1-800-BETSOFF or its website at 1800betsoff.org. The Remaining Prizes list on the lottery's website is automatically updated each day, so the numbers there are accurate. But buying a ticket doesn't guarantee you will win. After all, you are gambling when you play the lottery. It should be something you do just for entertainment, like going out to eat at a restaurant or to the theater to see a movie. Please take care and be well.

Your claims of all these "remaining prizes" on scratch tickets are FALSE and outright fraudulent. The Iowa lottery should be investigated for blatant FRAUD. You state that there are multiple 1,000s of winning tickets out there----absolute LIES.
You are destroying families with false hope -------Im living proof. I have PROVEN your claims are false and have won NOTHING ...and lost well over $10,000 on your fraudulent tickets.

I hope you sleep well at night in your 100K homes while we have to get on food stamps. Thanks a lot --- sleep well !

And for those of you who also are wondering, I asked my friend David Workman at the Idaho Lottery to define a finger steak. To put your mind at ease, it does not involve cannibalism. :) A finger steak is a thin strip of steak, battered and deep fried. It may not be healthy, but mmmmmmmm, it sounds tasty!

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