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December 22, 2017


Hi, Mikey. Here in Iowa, lottery winner's information is public, and it is not possible to avoid disclosure through the use of a winner's trust. It is entirely legal for a trust to claim a prize -- that is not the issue. But if a group of winners forms a trust to claim a prize, the members of the trust also are disclosed. You are wise to be careful when it comes to matters of personal identification. Our winners here in Iowa also have been careful people and the issues you have raised have not impacted any of our winners, to the best of my knowledge.

Just curious about the jackpot winners... some may want to remain anonymous. Is that an option? Such as if they opened a trust account and named it "winner's trust". Then claimed the ticket as the trust owning it, would it be reported to the media as "winner's trust" won the jackpot, or would the individual still be named? I ask this, because, if an individual didn't want to move after a big win, he/she would be a target for scammers, and others the rest of their lives because everyone would know who won and where they live.

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