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July 08, 2009


I will definitely be there! And as any smart politician might respond, "We'll let the voters decide!"

I'll see you there! Joe, are you in favor of the Michael Jackson butter sculpture? :~)

Heres an idea:instead of diverting our attention to Twitter & You Tube & Face Book & the state fair & widgets & texting and every other fad that comes down the pike,why doesn't the lottery concentrate on coming up with tickets that we,the buying customers,can actually win?You've lowered the prizes on most $2 tickets to chump change and less winners per game.Times might be tough at the lottery but I'm guessing that they will become even tougher if the lottery continues its penney pinching ways...people will look to other states to spend their lottery money.Excuse me while I go to Illinois or Missouri to buy some lottery tickets.

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