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October 27, 2009


Hi, Mark.

We're always glad to hear from you. I'm sorry you've had some frustrating experiences with the promotion! If you would please let me know the addresses/locations of the stores involved, I will have someone visit the stores and work with staffers there to ensure they understand the promotion and how it is working. I'll also check with our I.T. staff to see if there is anything further we can do to make improvements on the terminal end. Take care, Mary

Hello- I'm sorry to post this to this entry, but I looked for either a way to just post comments, or a related story and did not find it. This has to do with the October Smilin' Special Promotion. It is a nice promotion- I have used it at least once for each drawing available so far this month. However, I have had at least four times when I've used it and had to ARGUE with the clerk to get the discount.

Twice, I just gave up and paid the full price because it is not worth the argument. The problem occurred twice at Casey's, and twice at Kum and Go. I actually had a clerk at Kum and Go tell me that the promotion was over (this was the second week of October)!

The problem seems to be that there is a lag of time between what the clerk sees on the terminal and what is printed on the ticket. Of course, the ticket states the full price- if it actually said the promotional price everything would be much easier. The clerks seem to ignore the totals on the terminal, and just add up the ticket prices when they return to the register.

It is very hard to argue with the clerk when they are holding the tickets in their hand, and the ticket says: $10.00- and you are trying to convince them that they should only charge $9.00 for that $10.00 ticket.

I should not have to tell them how to run the lottery terminal, should I?
Thanks for letting me vent.

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