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October 19, 2009



Hi, Mark. The winning message is still playing in lottery retail locations across the state, so it’s possible that a winning ticket just hasn’t been scanned while you’ve been there. But if you would please give me the name and location of the store that you’re referencing, I will be glad to have someone check it out. And, we are aware of the issues that have been found in other states. The Iowa Lottery has been conducting unannounced security checks at retail locations here since early this year and so far, all tickets and prizes have been handled appropriately, which is good news for Iowa. We will continue our checks to ensure things continue to run smoothly here.

Take care, Mary

I take it this did not last long? I noticed the first time I brought tickets in to cash, (I think it was the first Monday, and I had about 15 tickets) it got annoying pretty fast. I have not heard it since. In the news- it seems like other states are still having problems with store clerks stealing winning tickets (Texas/$1,000,000 winning ticket?)

Yeah,draw attention to the winners.This is a good way to get then ROBBED!You people at the lottery just don't get it,do you?People demand anomynity,not noterioty.

Oh geez...that almost makes me not want to cash in any winning tickets. I am not the kind of person that likes all the attention drawn to me...embarassing!

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