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April 16, 2010


Hi, Mike.

All of the valid Midwest Millions entries that were submitted by Iowa Lottery players were included in the Preliminary Midwest Millions second-chance drawings, which were held prior to each of the game's two final Second-Chance Drawing that combined the Iowa and Kansas entries.

You likely already know this, but just to clarify for someone who isn't familiar with the game: Midwest Millions was a joint game and the promotion with Kansas and Iowa lotteries.

The promotion featured two Second-Chance Drawings, one that occurred in January in Kansas and another that occurred in April in Des Moines. Prior to each of the Final Second-Chance Drawings, each state held a preliminary drawing. The Iowa Preliminary Drawings included all of the valid Iowa Midwest Millions entries received, and the Kansas Preliminary drawings included all of the valid Kansas Midwest Million entries received.

The results from the Iowa and Kansas Preliminary Drawings were then combined for the Final Second-Chance Drawings. A combined total of 200 entries were in each final drawing.

Below is the specific language regarding preliminary drawings from the Midwest Millions rules:

Preliminary Drawings

All entries received by the deadline for a preliminary promotional drawing will be presented by lottery security to the person designated by the CEO or acting CEO to perform the drawing. The number of entries to be drawn in each preliminary drawing will be determined by settled pack figures. All entries drawn will be numbered in the order drawn and then a sufficient number of alternate entries will be drawn and numbered in sequential order. The entries drawn will each be checked to see that they are a valid Iowa Midwest Millions (Game 651) ticket, that they are not stolen tickets or returned tickets; and that the tickets are either nonwinning or have not been previously claimed as a winner. Each valid entry so drawn shall be eligible for the respective final drawing. An Iowa Lottery security person will take possession of the qualified Iowa preliminary entries and will store them in security's locked storage. An Iowa Lottery security person will transport them to the final drawings as listed in these rules.

Maybe you should think about entering ALL of the entrys into the second chance drawings.That would be the fair & honest thing to do!I was under the impression that EVERY entry that I sent in would be entered into the drawing for the half million dollars.Now I don't know if any of my entrys made it into the drawing.

Hi, Jack. Great question about the Midwest Millions Second-Chance Drawing.

For this promotional drawing, the Iowa Lottery and Kansas lotteries each held a preliminary drawing on Tuesday, April 13. The number of entries from Iowa and Kansas for the final drawing on April 16 were determined by the dollar amount of sales from each state (ie., the state that had 60 percent of sales got 60 percent of the entries in the final drawing).

Those players whose tickets were selected in the preliminary drawings were not contacted prior to the final drawing on Friday, April 16, as there was no need for that.

In order to be eligible for the Second-hance Drawing, the nonwinning Midwest Millions Game #651 tickets had to be signed and the name and address information on the ticket had to be filled out. That is the information the lotteries used to contact the winners in the final drawing.

If your ticket is selected as a winning entry in a lottery second-chance drawing, we first attempt to contact you by telephone. If we are not able to speak with you, we leave a recorded message and/or continue to try and reach you by phone. If you cannot be reached after several attempts, a letter will be mailed to the address on the entry. Winners’ information is posted on the lottery web site.

Winners have 30 days from the date of the Midwest Millions drawing to complete a claim form. After the 30 days, the next name drawn (alternate) would be contacted.

Please go to www.ialottery.com to see details and rules for each Lottery promotion.


Just wondering when the people in the drawing were notified that they were in the final drawing.
If you can not contact a winner with the first call, do you continue to try or do you go to the alternate?

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