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February 21, 2011


Hello again! Would you please call Brad Wells at the Lottery so we can try to help you with your inquiry in person? Brad's telephone number is 515-725-7892. Thanks! Mary

i know my drivers license was scanned right after i bought it cole david pearson I just need to know if theres a way to figure out if it was me that bought it so I can stop freaking out

I know I was wearing a coat that had STARTER on the front black and green coat at quiktrip

Hi, Cole. Thanks for commenting! Please feel free to send your ticket to our Validations Department here at the lottery. We will run some checks on the remains of the ticket to see if we can make out enough information to determine if it has won a prize. Sometimes we are able to do that, but it depends on the condition of the ticket and how much of the information on it we are able to see. We'll be glad to give it a shot! You can send your ticket to: Validations Department, Iowa Lottery, 2323 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312.

I think I might of found the ticket but its been through the wash u can see a number and a line and I remember the numbers becasuse its was weird that the numbers had my birthday 12/26 could i bring it in? and alot of threes

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