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December 08, 2011


I don't like the change.I have been playing PB from the start and get 10 draws for 1#.
And Mega the same way,but I will change to Hot Lotto because I like the draws on Tuesday & Friday then Wednesday & Saturday
And I don't want to pay more.

I guess the University of Iowa Professor was right. IOWA stands for Idiots Out Walking Around.

Hi, Ken. Great questions. When we made the announcement about the upcoming Powerball changes back in June, we sent around in-depth detail about the situation. You'll see more information in the next couple weeks, but in the meantime, here's a link to the information we've had on our website since June. Take care!


PB, thx 4 the info on the changes. To same me time in figuring out, where are the new odds tables? Is the dollar extra really going to increase odds within the same ratio? Would I like to win big? Oh, yes. But, if the chances are better with one $ on a smaller jackpot, that ONE $ will be going in the smaller pot. Good luck on this one... If you have any extra, please swing it my way. Thx again for the opportunity to play!

With the price of tickets doubling why doesn't the Iowa lottery track numbers in various statistical formats beginning with January 15th. Start all stats from scratch since the entire game is changing. Look at megamillionsstats.com Iowa Lottery for ideas. Maybe this would generate more players and bring back the Raffle Drawing if ticket sales go down.

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