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January 27, 2012


Hi, Ed. Great questions. The Iowa Attorney General's Office and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation have announced that they are conducting a joint investigation into the entire situation, so there is a lot that is still underway. The security-camera footage of the ticket being purchased is a key piece of evidence in the investigation, so it will not be released. Mary

Time to show the video.

Shouldn't you be investigating from point a to point z instead.
It would save the huge bill to the taxpayers.

Point z sounds way out of reach with all these attorneys representing attorneys who represent a shadow.

Video =Purchaser=culprit who stole it which will =the attorneys who attempted to help cash it knowing it was stolen..

I would like to know what additional efforts are going to be made to identify the buyer of the ticket. The ticket was for 5 consecutive drawing not 5 tickets for just one drawing. To me this indicates the purchaser was a regular player; more likely a local or at least Iowa resident as opposed to an interstate or international traveler. I do not understand why a photo of the purchase is not being released if the buyer is shown in the photo. I assume the buyer puchased more items than the ticket. If they used a debit or credit card it should be traceable. This person could be a victim. i would hope this does not just stop with redistribution of the prize

If you the ia lottery is concerned of the legality of purchase, possesion and presentation then why not show the video.
The legitimate owner deserves to get what is rightfully theirs but all I hear is that the money is going back to prize pool.

Mr shaw and his crew were not going to be able to produce the purchaser nor the actual owner of the ticket because none of them were ethier.

You may have publicly advertised for the winner to come forward but that is not enough if you have actual video footage of that person to make them aware of their lost/misplaced possesion but in this case stolen then isn't there a sence of obligation?

We pay our money for a chance of a life changing experience.
Where is the second chance here? Other then the ia lottery to profit further from those who decide to steal what was not theirs.

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