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February 24, 2012


Since the money is supposed to go to "Iowans" what stops someone from another state purchasing a promotional ticket and winning?

It's just silly that people can go on and on, ranting about how much they don't like this promotion. If you don't like it, don't participate. It's as simple as that. If all you are interested in winning is M-O-N-E-Y then play a different lottery game that is giving away only money. Grow up and learn to pick your battles in life!

You people at the Iowa Lottery just don't get it,do you?The overwhelming majority of the people who posted on this subject DO NOT WANT THE DRAWING TO BE HELD AT THE STATE FAIR!You have said that the decision to hold the drawing at the state fair was "not set in stone",but obviously you already had your minds made up and NOTHING was going to change it.You are a fine example of government doing the exact opposite of what the people want them to do.All you care about is what you can do to promote the lottery,not what your custumers actually want.You are the most disgustig branch of government in Iowa,bar none!The people have spoken,yet you continue to ignore us and do as you please.Not set in stone?That is B.S. and you know it!Things were bad enough when you made the decision to lower the prize payouts on scratch off tickets and add more break even tickets,you must have figured that Iowans were to stupid to notice,but we DID notice.And then you figured that you could pacify us by giving us prizes in the Points for Prizes promotion.That the promotion was a success is not proof of your marketing genius,far from it.It is proof of the fact that your custumers wanting something,anything for the dollars they spent.I'll take the liberty to speak for ALL lottery players when I say that it is money that we are trying to win when we play the
lottery,M-O-N-E-Y,not trinkets and gadgets.I've never seen a government entity so out of touch with reality than the Iowa Lottery is.Do what the people want,figure out something other than the state fair to give away this money.THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOU TO GIVE IT AWAY AT THE STATE FAIR!What is so hard to understand about that?

Hoopla is insanity!Anonymous would be cooler,in my opinion.But thats just me.I like living.I don't think I'd like living in fear for my life,especially if it's all for "hoopla"!

Hi, everybody! Happy Friday.

I’m afraid a lot of folks are posting comments to this blog entry without reading our previous responses in the comment chain. So, I’ll post this reply again here now, but I’ll also update this blog entry, so look for that yet today.

The plans for our upcoming summer contest aren’t finalized yet, but we are going to be selecting a lot of winners to give away nearly $2 million! Here’s the information we have so far, but as I’ve already said, please understand that we’re still putting together the final details. We’ll have more to share as the time gets closer. What we’re talking about is a lot like the raffle concept some of you have mentioned here in your comments, so great minds think alike!

We anticipate having a contest that will begin sometime in July. To be eligible to enter, you’ll make a special $5 lotto purchase in Powerball® and Hot Lotto®. We’ll have a special button added to our lottery terminals to generate the plays. You’ll get one $2 Powerball ticket with the Power Play option (for a total of $3) and one Hot Lotto ticket with the Sizzler option (for a total of $2). Along with that will come what we call a “trailing ticket” that will contain an entry code for the contest. You’ll go to www.ialottery.com and enter that code to be eligible for the contest drawing.

Anyone who makes one of those purchases anywhere in Iowa and then enters their code can be part of the fun! And your tickets will give you the chance to win Powerball and Hot Lotto prizes along the way, too!

Then in early August, we’ll hold a drawing to determine 49 semi-finalists. Thirty-four of those folks will each win a $10,000 prize in that drawing. But 15 of those lucky winners will get to be part of a big reveal, which is slated for the last day of the Iowa State Fair. They’ll each win a prize ranging from $25,000 up to $1 million at that event!

And if you are one of the folks eligible for that State Fair event, the lottery is putting together what we hope will be a really fun trip for you and a guest. We’re planning a celebration dinner, we’ll put you up in a hotel for the night and give you Fair admission tickets and parking passes. We’ll also give each of the Lucky 15 some cash to cover travel expenses they might have.

And if you don’t want to make the trip yourself or have a scheduling conflict, you can always appoint a proxy to be here in your stead or we can appoint one for you. No worries there!

We chose the Fair as the location for the big reveal because we want there to be a huge audience to cheer our winners on. And we’re planning some small prizes for some of the folks in the audience that day just to add to the fun and keep things interesting!

Yep, this is a lot like a raffle, but with a lot more hoop-la. We like hoop-la.

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