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March 26, 2012


Hi, Julie.

Thanks for reaching out to us on this issue. I’ll post this reply here on the blog and I’ll also email you directly. With the contracts that are involved for our vending machines, I do not anticipate that it will be possible for us to offer vending machines like that in the near future.

An easy way to make your transaction seamless, however, is to use a play slip. You fill it out with the exact play you want and give it to the clerk, who simply needs to run it through the machine to generate your play. You can re-use your play slip from drawing to drawing, so you would only need to fill it out once. If you want to send me your address, we can mail you a play slip holder to keep it in!

If you also would like to email us the stores you have referenced, we can have someone visit those locations to provide further training.

Internet lottery play in Illinois is only allowed from within the borders of the state of Illinois. We'll keep studying the issue here in Iowa!


I think we need machines where we can put our money in and print our own tickets. Every time I go and play the Pick 3 and Pick 4 75% of the people do not know how to operate the machine for these games. I had one lady tell me that their machine did not have the pick 3 or pick 4 option on it. I have to tell them how to click page 2 so it brings up pick 3 and pick 4 then tell them to click on Both, Straight/Box and EP (Easy Pick) and then Send. I have never worked at a store that has the lotto, but can figure out the machines. It would be nice to have like a vending machine where you put your money in and do it yourself!

If you want to play online. just go to the Illinois web site, and play. Iowa is always way behind !

@hernandez8--the winner let go of millions of dollars to not be identified. All they had to do was give their name to the lottery to win and they chose to give up the money rather than do that. Why would the lottery release the video so anyone could identify the winner? It would would benefit who and to what extent to OUT a person who gave up so much specifically to remain out of the public eye? Why not just respect the ticket holder's decision not to be identified to the public and leave them alone? It's not like the lottery gave that money to them. The only person who lost out was the ticket holder. And why can't they deal with that privately?

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