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June 29, 2012


Lesly, great question! As you know, this promotion's odds (like lotto games), are entirely dependent on the number of entries. The deadline for entry is noon on July 31, so we won't know for sure how many entries we have until then. So far, we've seen over 100,000 entries into the Mystery Millionaire promotion. But we encourage you to continue to enter. Good luck!

Can you give us an update on how many mystery millionaire tickets have been sold. Im contemplating buying more but if its a long shot... :(

Thanks for your comment. Lotto games, such as Powerball and Hot Lotto, are designed differently; therefore we do not require any personal information. We cannot keep track of tickets in that manner. At this point, it would be too difficult and time consuming for the clerks to take down all of this information.

? If you can create a data base for the vip club and the now raffle why can you not make it so that we can keep track of all tickets we buy, so we don't have to worry about loseing them or they getting destroyed.

Hi, Perry. Yes, the unclaimed jackpot money was returned to the lotteries that sell tickets in each game. How each state uses the money may vary. Here in Iowa, unclaimed prize money goes into our prize pools for future games and promotions, so we're going to have fun giving our players a "summer bonus"!

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