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August 02, 2012


Thanks for commenting to the blog. We love to see Iowa winners, too! And the thing to keep in mind is that a lottery by its very definition is a game that can be played -- and won -- by anyone from anywhere, so long as you are of legal age to buy a ticket. If we were to restrict who can win our games, we wouldn't be a lottery. When you travel to another state, we'll bet you want to know that you can buy tickets there and have a shot at winning a prize there. The same is true for anyone who happens to be here in Iowa!

this is the IOWA lottery supported by IOWA players, so if a out of state ticket is drawn I that it should be voided, only IOWA people are elgible to wing

I would love to know why there were so Few winners from Western Iowa. NO winners from Sioux City ? Really, but there was a winner from South Point OHIO ?

Hi, Mike. Great question, and thanks for commenting to the blog.

We do have winners from all over Iowa in all our games and promotions, and sometimes from other states as well. It truly is random luck that determines the winners in lottery games. Now, it is true that if you have more tickets being sold at a particular retail location or in an area, there will be more winners there. That is simply based upon the volume of business and the overall population. The overall payout in the Iowa Lottery's games is about 55 percent, so if you have one store where 300 tickets are sold in a particular day, there likely will be about 165 winners there. That's not a hard and fast number, as winning tickets are randomly distributed, but that's about what the payout percentage would predict. If you have a store with a lower volume of business and only 20 tickets are sold there, there likely would only be 11 winners there. The odds of winning are the same for everyone, but the volume of business in a particular area makes a difference. The same is true for promotions of any kind.

2 Million plus interest over 2012.2011. sold 200.000 tickets 5 X 200.000 = 1 million. now your ahead 3 million. drawings of 1 million plus another 1 million leaves 1 million in the bank. plus interest. no wonder you publish your figures in todays Register...
No hard working Iowas make 1 Million in wages a year....
We quit

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