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November 21, 2012


Hi, Nifty, and thanks for commenting to the blog. You made us smile because we had gotten the exact opposite complaint after the first Winter of Winners drawing! As you know, we drew for 100 winners of gift cards to Pass Pro Shops, and only five of those winners were from Des Moines. We then heard from Des Moines folks complaining that Iowa's largest city should have had more winners! It goes to show, you can't please all of the people all of the time. The results of our drawings are completely random, so you never know when -- or where -- the next big winner is going to hit!

cannot get enought unless you live in the des moines area as all second chance drawings or opportunities tend to pick all the people around desmoines. When you look at past drawings of all second chance and nost of the names are from des moines or towns in its cooridor area, why even enter if you live on the east side of iowa, just as well not even spend the time entering if you haven't a des moines area address. Gets discouraging seeing des moines, second chance symbol drawing, how many drawing four and out of those four, only two poeple lived in central or eastern iowa, otherwise, its enjoyable to see des moines winner again and again..and again...NOT why don't you hold a drawing and call it the second chance drawing for des moines area residents have some fun already bahumbug

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