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November 01, 2012


As a Viet Nam serviceman I've received more "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" in the past year that it has brought tears to me in part because of the last of respect given when we got home.

NEVER forget: that wars are a fact of life and the folks that lost their lives or mamed because of the war are the ones that really deserve the praise.

BRAVERY is one word that can be used for these folks but it goes way beyond that; it's the selflessness that they have knowing there was a possibility of loosing their lives.

I salute each and every VETERAN no matter what war they are in!!!

Don't forget that some wars never cease and Thank GOD for the awareness of the mental health needed.

Thank you folks that have responded positively for us guys and ladies that made it through in any state of physical and/or mental status.

Take care and THANKS!!!!

I do not agree to your policys on losing scratch . There are employees taking losers scratch tickets and entering them on line to build points for free merchandize and have not invested any $. I have had Convienence Store Employees not offer to return my losing Scratch Tickets. I have to ask for them and I have tickets torn in front of me. I should not have to ask for my losing tickets. Thanks for listening.

Like many Korean vererans I am suprised and pleased when thanked for our service. It hasen't happened very often in the past. Mostlly we were ignored, at least no one cursed or spit on us like the Vietnaum Vets. It feels good to be remembered.

I think its great what you are doing for veterans. I am a Vietnam Vet and nice to see our country standing up for our veterans.

Thank You Iowa Lottery & Hyvee

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