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February 08, 2013


All eligible tickets for the Iowa Lottery VIP Club's Points for Prizes program are assigned point values within a range. The values of the points do not get revealed until they are entered into the Points for Prizes program. This is done for security purposes to prevent people from knowing how many points a ticket is worth until they enter it online and giving the players some extra excitement when they take part in the program.

Have fun playing!

Why is it when I entered non-winning Games Books for "Play It Again" that the first one was worth 1,000 points then the second one only worth 500 points?

Hi, Pam! Thank you for commenting on the blog! You made us smile because we hear so many times from people who live in other parts of the state who complain that it's only "those people in Des Moines" who ever win. In reality, prizes in our games are determined by random chance, pure and simple. It is true that wins do tend to follow population centers, and that makes sense as well. With more people living in a particular area, there will be more people playing there, simply because of the population density. And with more people playing, more tickets will be sold, which will produce more winners.

If you live in the Des Moines area you don't see as may big prizes.. Why is that...

Hi, Lo Ho! Great question about the lottery's "Game Book." As you will see on the "eligible games" list in your VIP Club account, the Game Book can certainly be entered for Points For Prizes. The 10-digit number you'll need is on page 6 of the booklet, under the latex on the "$100,000 Explosion" game. The 12-digit number is on the back of the booklet. We actually produced a video about tips for playing the Game Book. If you have other questions, please check that out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZuFc9avWHI. Thanks!

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