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April 15, 2013


VIP Club,
I was so excited to join the VIP club in late February 2013 only to find that my tickets would be useless by May 15th... What a huge disappointment we don't have AT LEAST until June 30th to enter those final tickets! What a shame!! It seems that all of the games keep changing on us! Very sad :(

Hi, Teresa. Yes, points will expire at 11:59 p.m. June 30. Up until that time, you can use your points to enter the Cash Blowout promotion or order from the VIP Club store.

I also know that I read that I had until June 30th to enter my non-winning tickets for merchandise. I am going to hang onto my tickets that have not yet been entered just to see if we can still get prizes for them. Its a great way to do Christmas shopping when I spend all my extra money on scratch tickets and don't win cash. I too will not buy as many as I have been if we can't get something out of the non-winning tickets because I spend a tremendous amount on them. Thank you and I really hope to see that we can still be able to enter tickets for prizes.

will we lose our points if we do not use them by june 30th?

Just want to add my opinion to the list of everyone who is upset about the points for prizes store closing. It was nice to be able to save up for a sure thing rather than a BIG MAYBE. I too will find somewhere else to spend my money I guess.

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