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May 08, 2013


I know alot of people that did'nt have a clue about this deadline! Just like alot of others we've been entering the max per day and still have alot of tickets to enter! Stand behinnd the deadline an promotion end dates like are stated in the rules!

I will miss this feature of the VIP club, it has been great for those gifts for birthdays. I enter tickets in California when I am there but they only have the drawings like you are proposing and I tend to not enter them like I do the Iowa ones.
Thanks Brenda H.

Hi, Michael. Thank you for playing and for being a member of the VIP Club. The entry limit has been a featured of our VIP Club for years now as a social responsibility measure. It's an important issue, one that we work hard to address, so the limit will be staying in place. We knew that folks would have tickets they wanted to enter, so that is why we made the initial announcement a month ago about changes coming to the club.

I have a lot of non-winning tickets saved up. I've started entering them when I heard of the deadline but the 30 ticket per day limit is going to leave me without a chance to enter all my tickets.

Can this limit be removed or at least raised so people can get their tickets in if they've saved them up?

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