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September 03, 2013


I think your next game book should be call crazy 8 I really enjoy the books

Hello. Thanks for playing Pick 3 and Pick 4 and for staying up on the latest news in the world of lottery games.

You are correct that the Illinois and Iowa lotteries both sell Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets, but the two states' games are separate. Through the years, we've offered our own promotions and play options in the games and Illinois has done the same. And as you have pointed out, the promotions and options offered here in Iowa are not always the same as those offered in Illinois.

We are aware that a new feature has recently been added to Illinois' games and we're continuing to look into it to see if it is something we might want to offer here in Iowa. We appreciate your customer feedback that you like the new feature.

NEW BLOG- PICK 3 and PICK 4 GAMES...currently the Iowa /illinois share the same games of pick 3 and pick 4. Recently Illinois changed the game to include a "Hot Ball" in the game.

Iowans want this added to our game..when is this going to happen?

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