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January 24, 2014


Thank you, Faye! Good luck playing "All or Nothing"! We think it's going to be fun.


Have to agree with Todd. The odds are terrible. Same thing you did to Hot Lotto, went from 1 in 11 million to 1 in 30 million. Same thing that is happening to scratch tickets, used to be be a 5$ ticket had a 50.00 on each roll, rare to see that anymore.
I've gone to just playing the pick 3, but I'm guessing that is on the list of "hey, let's make this even harder".

i like the 100K game. Better chances to win even if only a dollar...then yo can play again with the dollar. This new game sounds soooooo confusing. And with the change in the Mega by adding more numbers, you have made this game impossible to get any numbers. So there fore I will try your new game at least once but will not do Mega Millions at all anymore.


Thank you for the comment and feedback, Todd. We'll share it with our game planners. Do give "All or Nothing" a try. We're excited about the concept and think people will like it.

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