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January 07, 2014


Good morning, David! It's a gorgeous bike, isn't it? The details about how you can enter the "Veterans Victory" promotion are on our website here: http://www.ialottery.com/Promotions/VeteransVictoryMotorcycle.asp

On that page, you'll see an "Enter Here" button that takes you to the page to enter. It's a pretty simple process, so you should be able to quickly get started entering tickets. Good luck with your entries!

how do I register a losing ticket for the motorcycle?

Hello, and thanks for reaching out. We will forward your comment to the folks with the Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs, as it is the commission that makes decisions about the assistance provided through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. If there was a difficulty with your application for assistance through the IVTF, I'm sure someone from the commission can help with that. The Lottery has raised nearly $15 million to help Iowa veterans and their families through the IVTF since we began games dedicated to that cause in 2008, and we're proud to be helping out.

I don't see any money going to the Veterans, I happen to be a disabled Vietnam Veteran, and have applied for help, but quess what, no money is there for any help for any Veterans!!!! Whos pocket is it going into? I see you living pretty good with your job, and spend like theres no tomorrow!! Give the money back to the Veterans where it belongs!

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