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April 24, 2014


Changes are important for progress in the games.Game rules are changed time to time and we should accept these changes.

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Hello again, Jim. Thank you for the comments. Just to clarify, ball-machine drawings are used in some lottery drawings today, but others are conducted with computerized random-number generators. In any case, the level of scrutiny and security applies to ensure the veracity of the games. That's our job and we understand that. Have a good Thursday.

It's a comfort that Iowa still has the balls in use rather than electronically generated winning numbers. The ability to manipulate electronic systems nowadays is a disturbing fact of life. The alarming lack of public transparency associated with technologically advanced "linked" electronic computer systems, has left most individuals without any recourse, but to accept outcomes and information that cannot be easily and accurately verified. So it's reassuring that Iowa has the balls to make it a much more transparent process. Thank you.

Hi, Patrick. Great question. There is a staggering amount of security that goes into a lottery today to ensure the integrity and security of the games. We know people depend on the fact that when they buy a lottery ticket, they've got the same fair shot at winning as any other player. And we understand it's our job to ensure that happens. For example, did you know that the drawing balls are X-rayed and weighed to ensure that nothing is amiss with them? And that drawing staff wear white gloves when handling them to ensure that oils from their skin do not inadvertently compromise how the balls might perform? I've blogged about the security behind lottery games a few different times. Here's a link to one of my earliest entries to provide more details if you'd like to read them: http://www.ialotteryblog.com/2008/11/the-security-be.html

I come from around the Iowa Midwest area and realize we are shut out, and almost all big winners are selected from just two States, quite often MD. I also realize with your computer system you can generate sequences that have not been picked, and those that you chose to pick by using different weight balls of a size that will fit through the selection tube, while all other numbers can be on a larger ball that will not fit. Taking chance out of the game completely. Corruption is the true name of the game just like the electronic vote that falsely installed Obama as the US President. I want to know just how you can prove otherwise, not with words of propaganda, but with positive proof every player can see for themselves with their own eyes?

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