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December 23, 2014


Hi, Beverly. I just double-checked our website, and the results for the Dec. 30 drawing are listed there. I think the information was delayed a little while because of our move. There are boxes galore at Iowa Lottery headquarters right now, but we'll get everything put away eventually! Please check the site again if you haven't already to see the drawing results.

Hi, Larry. I know that the Pick 3 and Pick 4 results are posted just as soon as we can after the drawings. I believe that the information is usually posted within 20 minutes of the drawing, but the verification process can sometimes take longer. We post the details just as soon as we can because we know people are on the lookout for it! And the outcome of our games is determined by nothing other than random chance. It's our job to ensure that everyone has the same fair shot at winning, and we take that responsibility to heart. Have a happy New Year and thank you for playing.

Did you not have a mega drawing on De. 30th? I still just has the 26th drawing on there. I have a multi pick for last night, cannot bring up the winning numbers for last night.

Why does it take so long to post the results from pick 3 & 4, why Iowa don't have a live drawing, i think your reps are making sure the numbers they pick don't match the players numbers.

Hi, Michael. Thank you for reaching out to us about this. You've asked a great question. When large lottery prizes are claimed, there are additional security measures involved to ensure that the prize is being paid to the correct person. There also often are financial documents involved that also require additional checking here at lottery headquarters. Your comment makes me smile to a certain extent because we have had winners tell us that they wouldn't be comfortable claiming larger prizes anywhere except lottery headquarters, knowing that we have security staff present here. As you have correctly pointed out, winners can claim prizes of up to $250,000 at any of our Regional Offices around the state. It is only the very largest prizes that need to be claimed at lottery headquarters.

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