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January 16, 2015


The allegations in this case focus on possible fraud attempts as the prize was being claimed, not on the game itself, although the investigation is ongoing. We absolutely believe that the laws and security procedures we have in place in Iowa ultimately worked well to protect lottery players, lottery games and lottery prizes. But someone is always going to try to beat the system. We have to remain vigilant if we're to stay a step ahead.

The money from this Hot Lotto jackpot, which totaled nearly $10.8 million in cash, was returned to the lotteries in the Hot Lotto game in proportion to the sales from each jurisdiction. The Iowa Lottery received about $1.4 million back and gave that money away in 2012 in a special summer promotion called "Mystery Millionaire."

It really doest surprise me that it was internal.My question would be was it a easy pick or did he pick the numbers?

I think since the Winning lottery ticket was produced in Iowa and the Iowa Lottery affiliates robbed an iowa player from those winnings and/or ticket that the Iowa lottery ought to divide that money out to the "iowa" VIP players since this was a iowa lottery fraud act against its VIP players. I don't think that money should be dispersed as a second chance drawing because ALL Past and present winners are within fifty miles of the Iowa lottery headquarters and should be considered a joke at this time. Those second chance drawing should be called the Des Moines area only second chance because the east and central Iowa gets totally screwed in those drawings especially when you have 200 chances to win and 149 winners come from des Moines area, really check it out totally centered on keeping the money close to home, just like the Hot Lotto lottery scam against us VIP players.

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