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April 01, 2015


Hi Lisa. Just to double-check, we must not be looking at the same drawing results. There were winners from all across the state in Win With Friends -- from Waterloo, Algona, Milford, Le Mars, Clinton, Spencer, Forest City and Council Bluffs, just to name a few of the places. We thought it was a great mix of winners representing all areas of the state.

yep another second chance drawing where everyone around des moines wins. This is like the fiftieth second chance drawing and its getting more and more like if you live within fifty miles of lottery headquarters your in it to win it, but any further out forget it. Should just start calling it the des moines area second chance drawing. I mean really when you have 150 chances and 123 of em come from fifty miles of des moines lottery head quarters, ten chances to win and 8 out of ten winners are fifty miles within the lottery head quarters,a person goes back and counts all your second chance drawings and how many names have been pulled as winners within in the des moines head quarters the lottery is running at 80 percent goes to des moines area winners and screw the middle and eastern county for winners, its all in and around des moines and you want people to enter from our side of the state probably jut to make it look good, but definitely your markers are set to pick those close to home keeping the money in the neighborhood if you will

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