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July 14, 2015


Great question, Thomas. Easy-pick plays -- and the numbers within them -- are generated by each individual terminal. It's another way our procedures are designed to produce random combinations.

How are "easy pick" numbers generated? Does each lotto terminal generate it's own numbers or are they pulled from a central location at the time of the sale?

Hey, Ron. Another good question! You've likely heard us say before that in order for a prize to be paid, the ticket involved must have been legally purchased, legally possessed and legally presented. A ticket purchased with a credit card would not meet one of the thresholds required for payment.

Ok, so debit only. I get that. BUT what happens is someone wins the jackpot and you find out they purchased the ticket with a credit card? Do you disallow the win? That's the real question you didn't answer.

Hello, Lynda! I can tell this is a good topic -- we've all been wondering about it, right? Please check out my earlier answer to Linda, which is below. I answered the same question for her. Bottom line, as long as it's a DEBIT card, the transaction is OK.

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