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December 21, 2015


Hi, Travis. You are correct that both ball-drawing machines and random-number generators are used in lottery drawings today. Both types of equipment have their own vulnerabilities, and there are provisions in place to provide security in both types of systems. The current case does show that no system is perfect and that any entity involved in a security-related field must be constantly vigilant while making ongoing security enhancements.

Why are they using computers to generate numbers instead of using the ball's/machines like they use for Powerball?

Hi, Adrianne. The charges in this case allege that there are criminal wrongdoing in the jackpot drawings that were involved, and prosecution of those involved in the incidents is now underway. The numbers in lottery drawings outside of these incidents are not predictable. That is why we don't know if there was a winner until after the drawings have occurred.

So this does show that the lottery can be predictable with the knowledge of the winning numbers..That's why I'm sure a cutoff to see what number was not picked..please answer this question as so many people believe this..

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