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December 23, 2015


Hi Stacie,

Please make sure you are clicking on the "submit" button with your mouse and not hitting the "enter" button on your keyboard when entering your tickets. We've found an issue with this that is affecting some players. We have a fix ready to go for our next promotion.

I keep getting booted back to log in everytime I try to enter a ticket for the drawing....

Hi Shannon,

Make sure that you're clicking the "submit" button with your mouse and not pressing the "enter" key on your keyboard - this has been causing some problems for some players and it could be happening to you as well. We have a fix for this ready for our next promotion.

If you're still having trouble, send us an email at Wmaster@ialottery.com and we'll take a look at your account.


We have a new $20 game ready to go once the final top prize is claimed in the "$250,000 Club" scratch game.

Are you planning to start another game like the $250,000 scratch game soon? That game has most of the top prizes claimed already.

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