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December 01, 2015


Hi, Shirley. Yes, the newsletter with the coupon inside of it was sent out last week, I believe. Please send an email to our webmaster account at Wmaster@ialottery.com so that the folks who handle our VIP Club will have your details and can look into it. Thank you for being a VIP Club member.

Has the January newsletter with VIP Coupon been sent as I have not received my.

Hi, Linda. There is a link under the coupon – at the very bottom of the newsletter – to view just the coupon in your Internet browser. Click on that link to open the coupon in a new window. You can then print it from there or have the retail clerk scan it from your smartphone.

Also, you can tell the clerk your coupon’s unique 16-digit code and he or she can manually enter it into the lottery terminal and generate your free play.

If neither of these options work, please send us an email to Wmaster@ialottery.com and we’ll send your newsletter and coupon to you again.

I have received my Jan. VIP connection newsletter with the free play coupon at the bottom. Problem is I do not see a link to access the coupon.

Hi, Laura. A very good point. I'm blogging about it today! We apologize for the delay, but it looks like it will be Wednesday before we send out the January VIP Connection newsletter with the free lotto play coupon inside.

We’ve had an influx of new VIP Club members this past month, which is great! But just as we were getting ready to send out this month’s first combined newsletter and coupon yesterday, we realized we didn’t have enough free lotto plays for everyone. and we can’t have that!

We’re programming and testing a new, larger batch of coupons now and should have things ready to go tomorrow. We appreciate your patience.

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