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January 28, 2016


Hi, Amanda. Thank you for giving it a try. We try different game themes, colors, prizes, price points, play styles -- any number of ideas that we think people might like! One size does not fit all ...

I bought 9 in a row and all losers #check odd of winning before u buy!!!
But I also love that it's simple u either get one or u don't

Hi again, Mark. I checked with someone who has worked at the Iowa Lottery since its start in 1985. He recalls that "more winners" beat "bigger prizes" back then, but we don't have the sales details any longer to know for sure. Maybe we need to do that test again! It IS a topic that people talk a lot about in lottery circles! Thanks again for your comments.

Good memory, Mark! I confess that the timeframe you mentioned predates my time at the lottery, so I'm not familiar with the games you mentioned. I don't know what records we even would have after all these years. But I'll check into it and see what I can find out!

The Iowa Lottery did a kind of a test back in December 1988 with two scratch tickets issued at the same time... "More Winners", which had a lot of lower-level prizes, and "Bigger Prizes", which had less prizes, but a chance to win at a higher level.

It would be interesting to see how sales of those tickets went, and which one was the winner!

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