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June 29, 2016


Hi, Cindy. You've raised a point that some other people have inquired about as well. The interesting point is that while we do occasionally hear that point being raised, people's behavior reflects the exact opposite. By that I mean that sales follow the jackpot up. As the jackpot amount climbs higher, sales do as well. People are voting with their pocketbooks on that point, and it appears that a whole lot of folks do want a big jackpot amount all to themselves. But that's also why we offer variety in our products so that if you want a game with a smaller top prize and easier odds to win, that's available.

Great question, Susan! For now, the changes just apply to our dot.com sites. The app will be updated at some point in the future as we continue with the transition.

Why not let more people win a million then 1 person win 10 million? Make winning easier it would help economy more.

Will it affect the app or just the dot com sites?

I am looking forward to the new look!

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