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June 01, 2016


Interesting point that you have raised, Chuck. It's an issue we just blogged about last month. Here is the link to that entry:

upon back tracking through the "winners" list it appears their are more winning tickets sold in the central location of the state of Iowa. seldom if ever do we see a major winning ticket amount sold in scott or sorrounding counties.

For the questions relating to the distribution of tickets in our scratch games: 1. Yes, there have been top-prize winners in the initial tickets distributed to retailers in a particular game. We've seen a top-prize winner on the first day that a game began sales. It's all random and you never know when the next big one is going to hit. 2. Crossword tickets are some of the lottery's most popular scratch games. We do our best to keep a Crossword game in our line-up at all times because we know people like them! The Bonus Crossword game (No. 892) started sales in May 2015 and there are still tickets available in that game. It's always popular, and new tickets are distributed in it as supplies in retail locations sell through. Great questions, guys!

Great comments, everyone! To the folks who spoke about spreading the wealth around in lotto games, I will pass your comments along to the game-planning group. But the interesting thing that comes into play there is that people's behavior reflects the exact opposite of what you've expressed here. Sales follow the jackpot up -- as the jackpot climbs higher, sales go higher, too. People are voting with their pocketbooks on that issue and they definitely seem to like the big jackpots! But that also is why we offer different types of games. All or Nothing, for example, has better odds and a top prize of $100,000 while Lucky for Life offers a top prize of $1,000 a day for life. We keep variety in our games so hopefully we'll have something for everyone.

I agree with John Bartles comment. I would
be very happy with a million and a better chance at winning again. People would be
happier to think there chances are better with the smaller jackpots. If you can't live on a million dollars something is very wrong with your budget.

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