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June 01, 2016


In response to scratch ticket question. Millions of tickets could take a long time to distribute to retailers and lots of top prize tickets could still be in the lottery inventory. Lets take Bonus Crossword, its been out a long time, so is the lottery allowed to say whether all tickets have been distributed? as there are still 14 top prizes but why buy if lottery headquarters are still holding more tickets that retailers don't need....

I have to agree with the above comment. I live in Davenport, IA and there never seem to be any big winners here from the scratch off tickets. That makes people hesitate to play.

Thats a real comment that should be paid attention yo.

That thought has crossed my mind many many times. I applaud the person who asked it. I TOTALLY agree. I don't play the games as much as I used to. it just costs to much, especially the powerball. But a nice and considerate thought and hats off to the person who asked that question.

i stop playing regular lotterys mega power ball and money for life and scrach tickets i only ever won free tickets or 2 dollars its not worth it i decided im not lucky in love or money i think the big jack pots should not be so big and spread the wealth around

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