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August 26, 2016


Yes I agree with the odds
But some how the bigger prizes for scratch tickets should be equaled out
Not just for basically 2 main areas

Donna: I can tell that you have a lot of feeling behind the comments that you posted here. If playing the lottery is causing you emotional turmoil, then please consider not playing. We're just a form of entertainment, not something that should cause you stress. And if you think it's something you can't face on your own, know that help is available at anytime all across the state, by calling 1-800-BETSOFF.

The truth of the matter is the cards are stacked against the players!

I'm pretty sure DeMoines and Cedar Rapids are happy players they are not lottery poor like the rest of the counties that have been playing for years and players that have been playing for years.You can say what you want the players know your odds suck for all players!Even though we have some great winners this year,I know what I have spent in past years and what I have spent this year and it sucks!My family has told me many times the lottery is a bad thing I wish I would have listened a long time ago.I don't know how you can say the lottery is fare and everyone has the same chance of winning,so untruthful!

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