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September 09, 2016


Hi, Jeffrey. The self-checker always displays the amount won by the ticket. So, it will display the dollar amount of the prize involved or bear the words "not a winner." We wanted the language displayed by the self-checker to be very clear, understanding that players would be using the devices to check their tickets on their own. If the prize won is more than $600 -- the level at which you have to claim the winnings from the lottery -- the self-checker also displays the message: "Redeem at Iowa Lottery offices."

If you scan at the self-checker and have a winning ticket for more than the retail outlet can redeem, I think it is $600, does the self-checker say you have won $3,177 or whatever the amount is or does it say something else? Thnx!

Hi, Michael. It's not too much to ask at all, and I'm glad you raised the point. But there is another perspective that we've taken into account when it comes to the audio that plays from our lottery terminals. When we were discussing the idea of adding audio to the terminals back when we took that step several years ago, some people said they did not want the sound activated. They said that an audio notification when a winning ticket was scanned could put them in danger of being accosted. They said they would REALLY worry if a different sound played for tickets winning large prizes than would be played for those winning smaller prizes. So, the sound issue has been a balancing act for us. We want sound to play from the terminal so you'll know you've won a prize, but we understand the concerns that people have expressed about personal safety. That is why we have kept the audio the same for all winning tickets. I hope that background helps!

This is probably to much to ask,but it would really be neat if the WINNER notification(You're a Winner Woo Hoo!)as heard from the retail Lottery machines could be different for a grand prize winner? Something like a calliope sound of a slot machine when it pays out big. It wouldn't have to be super long,but something a bit more intensive than the normal sound. That way the lucky lottery winner knows it's special and that he/she would know if something is up if a dishonest clerk tries to give a lower amount to the recipient.

Hi, Mike. We already have an iPhone app and are working on one for Android users as well. You can find the lottery's iPhone app in the App Store under "Iowa Lottery's LotteryPlus." And of course it's free!

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