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September 09, 2016


Will Iowa have a self check app for my phone? Would be nice!

Hi, Ambrose. You are correct that the lottery terminal will cash the ticket if it has won a prize. If you ever again have a situation like the one you described, please feel free to reach out to us here at the lottery. We'll be glad to help.

When one asks a store clerk to"check the ticket" it is instantly CASHED. When you use the self-check apparatus it gives you just the results. I learned this the hard way: When the clerk gave me back the "checked ticket" & I tried to cash it days later, I was told it was already redeemed! Good thing the winnings was only a $1. Now I only use the clerk when I want the ticket(s) cashed.

Hello! The quick answer is no. The volume level on lottery terminals is uniformly set by the lottery and retail locations cannot adjust the level. That's another security procedure we put in place so you'll hear the "You're a winner!" message if you have a winning ticket scanned at the lottery terminal. But you are correct that if you use the self-checker to scan your tickets on your own, you don't have to worry about giving your tickets to someone else to handle.

Howdy! This made me think of another question I had recently.... Are the clerks able to adjust the volume of the lottery terminal so nobody hears the "WOO HOO! You're a winner"? Only reason I'm asking, is, while waiting for the clerk to check my tickets, I always listen for that. Then I thought, "what if it's turned down, or off?" Guess I'll have to make sure by checking my own tickets.

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