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December 23, 2016


Hello, and I'm sorry that you're not happy with our lottery games here in Iowa. We worked to address the issue with this particular Lucky for Life drawing as soon as the mistake was discovered. We have done our best to be transparent about the incident and explain what occurred and what we have learned from it. You are absolutely correct that playing the lottery is optional and buying a ticket -- or not buying a ticket -- is completely up to you.

In case you guys are also wondering, I played the all or nothing game this summer. Won 1000. After that draw, this lottery game changed the web site, now you can't win. I very played for over 30 years, not even a win to speak about.
Rigged system.
P S iowa just announce a huge win fall 2016. Well ya. That's our money we donated to loosing tickets

You guys are right, check out the Illinois lottery changing the way you win after the drawing. Canceling payouts. Like the Donald says it is a rigged system.

Hi, Jane. The numbers on our website were incorrect during the overnight hours following the drawing. The website was corrected by about 8 a.m. the morning after the drawing, so if you checked the website after that time, the details were correct. If you have a concern about the ticket that you threw away, our Security Division will be glad to help review the details involved. If you would like assistance from our Security folks, please call 515-725-7900 and ask for the Security Division.

Hi, Marie. Prizes of less than $600 can be paid at retail locations where lottery tickets are sold, provided that the store has cash on hand. In most instances, it is not an issue, and you should be able to claim your prize from a lottery retailer. But if you ever have questions, you can always send your ticket to us here at the lottery or stop by one of our offices and we'll be glad to help.

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