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February 10, 2017


Hi again, Meagan! An update has been made to the Power Cruise app overnight. One of the fixes that it made has to do with the log-in, which we believe was causing an issue for some older versions of smartphones. You'll hopefully be able to log in and continue utilizing the app!

Hi, Meagen! Thank you for reaching out to us about this. An update was done this week to the app, and it appears to be causing difficulties for certain older versions of smartphones. A patch is being worked on to fix the issue. But in the meantime, know that you can still enter the promotion by going to our website and entering the information from your tickets. We did our best to provide different ways to enter so people would have options! Would you mind telling me what brand and version of smartphone you have? I'll pass that info. along to the folks who are working on the patch.

I'm unable to log into the app. I have previously logged in without issue, but as of yesterday when I attempt to choose a state from the drop down menu, it just sits there and does not prompt me to enter my email and password to continue. No error message, just doesn't do anything once I select my state.

Hi, Angie. A couple other people have encountered that situation as well, and it's a very easy fix. You'll just need to log into your VIP Club account and add your telephone number to your profile information there. That has worked for the other folks who have made that adjustment and then their entries have gone in.

Hi, I have been trying to sign in on line or on the app and I keep getting this after I put in my username and password-Application has encountered an error. Please contact support.

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