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February 06, 2017


Hi, Gabe. Great questions. Under the rules of the promotion, once you claim the prize, it is in your name and you would be taxed for the value of the trip. You could send a proxy in your place if you were unable to attend, or if you knew of a conflict at the time that you were selected as a trip winner, you could decline the prize. You could not sell the prize, as the travel arrangements would be in your name. Here is the official verbiage from the promotion rules, the full version of which are available on the Power Cruise page on our website:
"If for any reason the original prize winner and/or guest cannot attend the Power Cruise sailing on January 15, 2018, they may assign a Proxy to sail in their stead. At the request of the prize winner, and with the approval of the Iowa Lottery, the necessary arrangements for the winner to transfer the trip can be made prior to the booking deadline at no additional cost to the winner..."

Hi good morning I have a question with the new promotion about the cruise if I win one cruise and I don't want to go or I can't go you know some times things happens can u sell your prize please let me know thanks thank u for your time

Hi, Carole. No worries -- all of the details about how to enter the promotion are on our website at www.ialottery.com. Here is a direct link to the page with the promotion details: http://www.ialottery.com/Pages/Promotions/PowerCruise.aspx.

You don't have to be on social media to enter the Power Cruise contest, and you can enter it with winning or nonwinning tickets. Good luck with your entries!

I don't use Facebook or Twitter, I'm not sure how to enter the Powerball contest for the cruises. Am I making it too complicated, or how do I enter with the ticket? Does it have to be a non-winning ticket?

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