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April 28, 2017


do you people ever listen I have been playing the same numbers for a year now and still not even a thousand dollars on all or nothing one person out of 3 years? bring back the 100,000.00 ad make it live this computer thing is not honest nethers all the lotto is not anymore not seeing it live! fake today not knowing shame on you rich one! God can only see you destroy people shame on you! you will pay its coming Sherry!

Great question, Jackie. To answer your question, no, that's definitely not what I meant. When I made that reference, I simply meant that as a lottery employee, I obviously am familiar with the lottery's operations. I don't have the ability to impact the outcome of our drawings or the outcome of a ticket in one of our games. But in our world today, perception is reality, and just the perception of lottery employees being able to play would cause some people to worry. So that is why we're not allowed to do so under the law.

What is meant by "knowing the ins and outs" of the lottery. Makes it sound like the drawings are rigged.

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