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May 10, 2017


Hello, and thanks for raising this point, as it is one that involves real-world issues of workplace safety. On our website, we keep this statement about claiming Iowa Lottery prizes: Iowa Lottery prizes up to $600 in lotto and instant-scratch games may be redeemed at any lottery retailer location in the state if sufficient funds are available. Pull-tab prizes of up to $600, however, must be redeemed at the same location where the ticket was purchased. Please note the "if sufficient funds" portion of that information. For a variety of reasons today, including workplace safety concerns for employees and customers, some retail locations choose not to keep a lot of cash on hand. We understand that perspective and support retailers' efforts to keep everyone safe. Please remember that you always have the option to claim prizes of any amount directly from us here at the lottery either by visiting one of our offices or sending the ticket to us. Here is a direct link to the "How To Claim A Prize" page on our website where you can find all the details:

I have one comment, I want to know why I cannot take my 600 dollar ticket. I thought the rules were that you can taken ANY ticket to ANY store that sells lottery tickets and they have to cash winning tickets. I live in a town that has one grocery store and ten gas stations. None of these stores and stations will cash my winning tickets. I am told not to bring my winners to the grocery store and that none of the gas stations are allowed to cash in anything more than 50 dollars. By the time I run around using my gas trying to find someone to cash my winners I am wasting a lot of gas. The lottery rules is they must always have at least 600 available at these retailers and not a one is following these rules!

love this!!

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