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May 12, 2017


Hi Becky,

There isn't a designated "viewfinder" for checking tickets on your phone. This feature utilizes your phone's camera, so essentially your entire screen is the viewfinder, just start pointing your camera somewhere on the ticket and it will focus in on where it needs to to check your ticket.

l love buying scratch. tickets every morning. sometimes l just get my money back but l keep buying. them

I have a Samsung Galexy S7 Edge. When I try to use the app I hit "scan a ticket" there is no viewfinder to scan the ticket? What am I missing? Thank you.

Hi, Mike. Oh, good feedback! I will pass that along to our team that works on the apps. But just to double-check the details in the meantime: You can save multiple ePLAYSLIPS by using our app, and then you can just call up each playslip and scan it to get that play. But I think you're wanting a playslip that would allow for multiple plays with one scan. Try saving multiple playslips on the app for now.

There is no option to pick more than one set of numbers for any drawing when creating an ePLAYSLIP.

I can pick a single set of numbers for multiple drawings, but there does not seem to be a way to pick multiple sets of numbers for a drawing, single or multiple.

That seems to be a component that needs to be added.

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