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June 16, 2017


That's a cool idea, Christina! I'll pass your comments along to our game-planning group. Hey, you never know where ideas can lead, right? Off the top of my head, I can see that the proposal would change the odds for the drawings involved, so that would need to be explained and made clear. But it could be fun!

I've said this to others, now I'm letting you have it too. You kow how you changed the numbers awhile back for powerball etc, so they would have a higher chance for players to get paid... ok, my thought is, if you want to increase your lottery sales, I know you do, after the jackpot gets to say 250,000,000.00 why not start having multiple drawings for it. After nobody hits it at that mark advertise that the next drawing there will be two sets of numbers drawn. Each time it isn't won, add another set of numbers called. Your sales would go up like a rocket. If you have multiple winners with the multiple drawings, I mean really, I think there would be god's plenty to go around at that point. Thanks for listening to my idea!

Donna: You are correct that playing the lottery is always an optional purchase. If someone does not want to buy a lottery ticket, that is completely their choice to make.

Great feedback, Elmer and Chad! I appreciate your comments and will pass them along to our game-planning folks. Elmer, we don't yet have a replacement game for All or Nothing, but have several ideas in mind for updates to the lotto games that we offer.

I'm going to miss all or nothing. Will anything replace it?
I f you do replace it, replace it with a game that has lots of small winners.

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