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June 16, 2017


Won my first 12.00 dollars in the power Ball in 25yearsI think that says it all,do not plan to plan it anymore!My advice is you don't win don't play, I'm going to take my own advice!

I would like to see All or Nothing continue as an option of games to play. I'm pretty shocked that a game that hardly anyone hits a grand prize for (maybe 1-2 per year have won the $100,000 top prize) is a money loser for the lottery. Considering the rarity of the top prize being hit, maybe an increase in prize amounts such as "0 or 12" wins $250,000 or $500,000; "1 or 11" wins $2,500; "2 or 10" wins $50; "3 or 9" wins $5; "4 or 8" wins $1. That might spur more action in the game.
I agree with a previous poster that you typically win "something" if you play it weekly or several multi-play drawings unlike the other lotto games (PB, MM, HL, LFL, P3, and P4) where you typically go a week or longer without winning even a dollar back. Keep All or Nothing!

Hi, Cliff. You are correct that both types of lottery drawing systems -- those utilizing random-number generators and those using ball-drawing equipment -- have their own shortcomings. The layers of security built into our lottery drawings are designed to ensure that they offer all players an equal chance to win. We are absolutely committed to that. So if you ever have evidence of lottery fraud, please feel free to reach out to our Security Division here at the Iowa Lottery or to your local law-enforcement agency to provide information. We will be happy to review any details we receive and to follow the facts wherever they may lead. In the case of Iowa's Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, we will begin utilizing drawings with ball-drawing equipment on July 1.

I personally hate to see All or Nothing discontinued. If they would have advertised it right sales would still be great. I'm a regular player. Always win something every week. Think it's a big mistake.

Are you still going to cheat on the pick 3 & 4 drawing? When the computer picks the numbers it knows what numbers people have, and not use them!I used to win all the time when Illinois had it,now I never win!!! If your going to continue to cheat at it ,just take it away!!!!

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